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The WSCC Alumni Association serves more than 30,000 alumni and friends through membership benefits, professional development, and outreach opportunities. You do not have to be an alumnus to become a member of the Alumni Association.


Lion Leader Ambassadors Awarded for 2022-2023

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In Alumni Scholarship Funds Awarded for 2022-2023

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Alumni Association Members in

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Cutter Green

Alumni Transfer Scholarship

"Thank you so much for the transfer scholarship!! I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to attend WSCC. I have learned many new things, made numerous new friends, and established important contacts. Thank you again for gifting me this transfer scholarship."

Ernie Pantoja Rodriguez

Alumni Lion Leader Scholarship

"Thank you for the generous donations that have allowed this scholarship to be created. With it many people, such as myself, can continue to their goals and ambitions involving higher education. This scholarship will help tremendously in alleviating the financial burden of college expenses and allow me to focus on my education."

Olivia Noblett

Alumni Lion Leader Scholarship

"I am honored to receive the Alumni Association Lion Leader Scholarship and am grateful for the opportunities it will provide me.  Because of your generosity, you have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus on my academics. Thank you for your investment in my future."

Noah Dia

Alumni Transfer Scholarship

"Thank you for your generous donation. Your support will help me to pursue not only my career but also my dream of helping those in need. I hope to share the same generosity you have shown me to others. Thank you again for this award."