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Wallace State License Plate

Available Now

Get yours for an additional $50 when renewing your tag to show your pride and support student scholarships. 

Purchase or renewals are available via the Revenue Commissioner’s web page at or the Alabama Department of Revenue web page at  

Thanks to the individuals who have purchased a Wallace State Tag, two students were able to receive a $1,000 scholarship for the 2022-23 academic year. 

"It means a great deal to me to know that someone is invested in my education. This scholarship is important to me because it removes the stress of finances from my college experience. I have more time to study and worry about my education, rather than worrying about how I am going to pay for all of this. Thank you, again for your generosity and thank you for believing in my education and the entire Wallace State community. Your generosity has inspired me to one day give back to this community as well." - Natalie Lawley, General Studies

"I am honored to receive this scholarship, and I am grateful for the opportunities it will provide. This scholarship will be a blessing in helping me achieve my educational goals. As with many students, finances can be difficult, and this scholarship will be help me focus on my education with less stress than before. This scholarship will be a great help in bringing me one step closer to graduating. Because of your generosity, my financial burden has been reduced. That means I will be able to spend more time on my studies and less time worrying about my finances." - Mary Hixon, Sonography