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Jamie Hendricks

Jamie Hendricks attended Wallace State Community College on a baseball scholarship, not sure what his future held off the diamond.

 Hendricks ultimately graduated Wallace State with an associate’s in science degree, earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama in construction/mechanical engineering and has flourished professionally ever since.

 “I was young and didn’t look too far ahead to having real expectations when I first went to Wallace State. It was local, affordable and had a good reputation as a school and as a great baseball program,” said Hendricks, a Corner native. “During my time at Wallace State, I found academic and professional direction and I’m still on that path. I attribute that found direction to many people at Wallace State. I gained academic and life preparation at Wallace State during a critical time in every young person’s life: the first two years away from home.”

 Hendricks, 35, is a 2007 graduate of Wallace State and was a member of the college’s last baseball team to win an Alabama Community College Conference tournament championship (2006). Hendricks is among the Wallace State alumni celebrated during Community College Month.

 Hendricks, a newcomer to the Wallace State Future Foundation Board, is VP/GM for Fontaine Trailer Company – a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway company. He has also worked for the Drummond Company and Fontaine Trailer Military Products.

 During his Wallace State journey, Hendricks had many positive influences – both current and former employees - to help shape his personal and career outlook, including Hall of Fame baseball coach Randy Putman, former assistant baseball coach Chuck Davis, math instructor Renee Quick, Greg and Harriet Mayo and retired Executive Vice President Dr. Tomesa Smith.

 “Mrs. Quick helped me find academic and athletic balance through her passion and persistence during several calculus courses. Greg and Harriet Mayo became close friends and invested in me over the years, including long after I left Wallace State,” Hendricks said. “Dr. (Tomesa) Smith started as my academic advisor, but soon became a friend, mentor, leader, listener, cheerleader and supporter. We’ve maintained our relationship to this day and there’s no metric to measure the positive impact she has had on my personal and professional life.”  

 Hendricks is married to Brooke Hendricks, a Wallace State nursing graduate, and they have three boys.

 Hendricks said one of his most fulfilling moments professionally has been his company’s willingness to give back to the local and global community, partnering with groups such as March of Dimes, Children’s Hospital of Alabama and America’s Mighty Warriors Foundation.

 No matter where his professional and personal life leads, Hendricks always cherishes his Wallace State experience.

 “My Wallace State degree opened the door to engineering school and other doors in my professional life. Academically, Wallace State set me up for success as I walked into the engineering program with my eyes open and prepared for the classes ahead. Wallace State helped bridge the gap from a high school senior who rarely studied to engineering school where studying and homework are the bare minimum,” Hendricks said. “Since leaving Wallace State, I have been blessed far beyond anything I ever could imagine or deserve.”